Service Providers phone Numbers

1603 Oak Park Blvd.
Jeanette 925-681-9857
Hair Stylist
Hailey 925-435-5174
Liz S 925-948-5350
Cassie V.  925-408-8669
Cayla 925-285-0895
*Kymber 925-788-9169
*(Kymber is not accepting new
clients at this time)
1607 Oak Park Blvd.
Hair Stylist
Kellie H. 925-323-1350
Jane 925-812-2860
Kelly R. 925-676-9729
1609 Oak Park Blvd.
Hair Stylist
Tami G 925-595-3252
Jeanette T. 925-300-8070 
Kristina 925-330-233
Sophia 925-360-4774
Bruce 925-658-861
Beth 925-586-7002
Jess 925-768-4678 (Men's Haircuts Only)
In keeping with the new California State laws, all booth renters must schedule their own appointments.
We are so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Please call or text your service provider directly, at their number found on this page.
Thank you!

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